​​​OUR UNITED VISION: ​​​​Formed in 1994 by people across Idaho; leaders, activists, those most marginalized  who understood then that we couldn't just fight for independent issues, or have one more group vying against the other for limited resources if we were really going to create power; the kind of people power to get the change we ALL deserve. After 25 years of building and know what it takes to win; PEOPLE UNITED - We are moving Idaho and the country forward!

Today, stronger than ever before, United Vision for Idaho (UVI) is Idaho's only progressive coalition uniting Idahoans across the state and placing Idaho at the center of a national movement of real change we are advance social, economic and environmental justice.

Comprised of more than 25 statewide organizational affiliates and thousands of people across Idaho just like you, we are rooted in the core principle that far more unites than divides us. From family farms to cities, we are building a people's movement in one of the most conservative places in the country for ours and generations to come. We’re fighting for communities, justice and people and a critical part of a powerful new force for democracy and economic fairness in the country.

As the Idaho affiliate of People's Action consisting of over a million grassroots organieleading organizers, 50 national staff members working with us and in 32 states, Idaho is finally on the map toward building a broader for justice and amplifying the voices of those rural places that have been forgotten and left behind. Together were are part of the most powerful movement  organizing millions of people around a bold agenda for real change and building a powerful movement for systemic change to make real change in ALL of our lives.



United Vision for Idaho (UVI) is committed to transparency, best practices and the highest ethical standards. As many orgnaiizations emerge and vie for your support, we want you to feel confident in your investment in UVI. As we grow stronger together, so does our organization. Our mission remains laser focused on uniting people and communities to work strategically to win real improvements in people's lives. For that reason, we have conducted an external review of all of our practices to assure you of the health and vitality of UVI and reaffirm our commitment to you in all that we do. This is our moment, and together we can transform the state. 


 Everyone In! No One Left Out, No One Left Behind!

We are all affected. None of us can afford to not "do politics," because politics does each and everyone of us. Everyone's investment matters! We won’t all contribute the same things, but if we all contribute, a movement to make real improvements in people's lives now and in the future is possible! 

                                                 Join Us!

Join UVI and the PEOPLE'S WAVE!. Give as you can, and more can. But become a member today! ALL of our futures depend on it.