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 Everyone In! No One Left Out,

            No One Left Behind!

We are all affected. None of us can afford to not "do politics," because politics does us. Everyone's investment matters! We won’t all contribute the same things, but it takes effort at every level, but if we all contribute, a movement to make real improvements in people's lives now and in the future is possible! 

                     Join Us!

United Vision for Idaho (UVI) is Idaho's only progressive coalition dedicated formed in 1994 unite Idahoans across the state and advance social, economic and environmental justice. We are rooted in the core principle that far more unites than divides us and we must work together to build a movement to act quickly, achieve interim goals and build long-term systemic change across the state for generations to come. UVI is comprised of  more than 25 statewide organizational affiliates and ordinary people who know that things be better when we are willing to do the work to make sure things are. We are also a part of a national network, People's Action consisting of 1000 leading organizers, and over 50 national staff members working in 33 states. Together were organizing millions of people around a bold agenda for real change and building a powerful movement for systemic change..

Across the spectrum of our diversity, we work to advance our shared goals of justice. Together, we are becoming a powerful force to dismantle systemic discrimination, create policy change, win real improvements in people's lives and transform the political landscape of Idaho. 

Many woke up after the 2016 election shocked, because we thought we were different than the results suggested. For some, it revealed the deep and painful wounds of the oppression they’ve always experienced, uncovered just how pervasive discrimination is, precisely because it was so shocking to others.  It uncovered just how entrenched institutionalized discrimination has become in America.  

Thank God, we don’t all have to have the same experiences, but we must understand that we don’t all have the same experiences, don’t face the same limits and consequences for being who we are. We have much to learn from one another if we truly seek justice for all. 

So How did we get here? For some it was a vote of privilege – a statement of dissent. But, much of rural America has been abandoned by progressive organizing and extreme political forces have stepped into this vacuum. The far right has secured a foothold in Idaho’s rural and remote areas and are driving the narrative and providing the political context of how to move from that pain to solutions that further exacerbate it. The division among people is deep and growing along generational, racial and gender divides. As individuals try to navigate these challenging times, further polarization is intensifying among some and causing others to retreat. It is fundamental to the success of  an emergent movement that we learn to talk to people where they are and engage on our shared issues and values. 

People are starving for connection, especially in the places most forgotten. The advent of Trump’s rural base was in large part due to the fact that the pain of poor and working-class was acknowledged by these reactionary forces.  We have a choice; we can continue to talk at each other or we can make the investment in one another to do the deep listening that is required to win real improvements in people’s lives.

What people are saying...


Our United Vision

“UVI delivered a day-long workshop in Idaho Falls recently and it was profoundly important. It gave us a HUGE surge of confidence and energy!  We really felt we had the tools to build a movement. We are more confident about approaching people: we know what to ask and how to ask it. We have a greater sense of our purpose and how we can get there: we need to build a movement, not a reaction. 

We know how to develop a process for building that movement:  steps to organizing and why a plan is important. We understand the need for strategies and tactics and the difference between the two: critical to planning. 

We have a better understanding of what it takes to make organizing successful: know your assets, know your allies and opponents, find what issues and interests will move them (know their interests!).  It's not enough to be right; be strategic! Build power; leverage power strategically. Recognize that building a movement is the key to change. These are just some of the many highlights of this training that were particularly important to our organizing efforts in a rural part of the state.“

Judy Schmidt, Idaho Falls,ID


What's At Stake?

Daily our children and families suffer more than ever before, our laws are being rewritten and stricken, federal and judicial appointments are setting the trajectory for an uncertain future, let alone Supreme Court vacancies.

Our borders have been closed to those who seek asylum, those who have dark complexion, we have gone so far as to separate families and imprison innocent children.

Increasingly poor and working people are under assault. A world most of us could not have imagined is becoming normalized and setting a dangerous precedent across the world. There are powerful forces at work to keep people, communities, rural and urban people divided to advance an agenda based in fear and mistruths.

Our fundamental job, as our name states is to unite us in the critical work ahead not just to defend fundamental civil liberties and freedoms, but to truly win critical improvements in people’s lives.

​Here's the Good News... 

Our government and institutions are the creation of people, and people working together have the power to remake them. Our work is to create intentional communities that represent the spectrum of our diversity that work together to break down the barriers that divide us, deepen our understanding of one another and realize that in fact our lives, all of them are inextricably linked and our futures bound together.