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The future is at stake for us and future generations. What is the story we will tell about who we were in this moment? No matter where we find ourselves on the path, we do have to decide, especially now and ask ourselves, “what did I do to make a difference?”

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United Vision for Idaho is Idaho's only progressive coalition dedicated to social, economic and environmental justice; rooted in the core principle that far more unites than divides us and we must work together to build a movement for long-term systemic change and win short and mid-term mile stones that help to get us there. UVI is made up of organizations and ordinary people who know that not only can things be better, we are willing to do the work to make sure things are.

Across the spectrum of our diversity, we work to advance our shared goals of justice. Together, we are becoming a powerful force to dismantle systemic discrimination, create policy change, win real improvements in people's lives and transform the political landscape of Idaho. 

“UVI delivered a day-long workshop in Idaho Falls recently and it was profoundly important. It gave us a HUGE surge of confidence and energy!  We really felt we had the tools to build a movement. We are more confident about approaching people: we know what to ask and how to ask it. We have a greater sense of our purpose and how we can get there: we need to build a movement, not a reaction.

We know how to develop a process for building that movement:  steps to organizing and why a plan is important. We understand the need for strategies and tactics and the difference between the two: critical to planning.

We have a better understanding of what it takes to make organizing successful: know your assets, know your allies and opponents, find what issues and interests will move them (know their interests!).  It's not enough to be right; be strategic! Build power; leverage power strategically. Recognize that building a movement is the key to change. These are just some of the many highlights of this training that were particularly important to our organizing efforts in a rural part of the state.“

Judy Schmidt, Idaho Falls,ID

United Vision for Idaho provides connectivity and critical statewide training/workshops/resources to organizations and people working in communities to build infrastructure, leadership and mobilization for long-term systemic change that improves people's lives now and in the future. We connect those communities to the broader fight for social justice through our national networks so that no one feels alone in this fight for the fair and equitable treatment of ALL, and the fight of our lives of restoring our democracy, re-imagining and rebuilding it so that includes everyone.  For more information contact our executive director at

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