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UVI's RISE UP, IDAHO campaign launched in December of 2016  is dedicated to effective organizing, building long-term systemic power, defending and advancing civil rights and liberties, holding elected officials accountable, and uniting people across Idaho in a strategic and coordinated effort that can win real improvement in people's lives.

True Democracy 
We rise up for representative democracy. Too often, our voices have been denied, suppressed and silenced. Governing power belongs in the hands of the people at every level of government. 

Dignity at Work
We fight for raising the minimum wage, and pay equity - to ensure everyone has access to good jobs, with good pay and benefits so every person can care for and support their families and have a secure retirement no matter who they are.

Health Care is a Human Right.
We rise up for a health care system that promotes healthy people and communities. We fight for a health care system that guarantees quality, affordable care for all.

Racial Equity 
The effects of racism are real and deadly. We rise up to recognize systemic discrimination, to dismantle and remake institutions that discriminate and reinforce racial inequity while we confronting the ideas and ideology of white supremacy.

Gender Equity
We rise up to take down the barriers based on sexual orientation, gender and gender expression across all aspects of social and political life.

Untied Vision for Idaho’s (UVI) work is critical in uniting statewide efforts into an overarching guiding strategy to win real improvements in people’s lives. We focus on civic and direct action, strengthening relationships between diverse organizations, uniting, engaging, and mobilizing individuals and laying the foundation for long-term, sustainable systems change.  Our rural work is critical in addressing and meeting the needs of rural and remote communities that have been ignored and forgotten by the progressive movement, while special interest have created a powerful foothold in the places where people have not developed political, social or economic power. We are not about establishment politics. We advocate a bold agenda for systemic change and hold elected officials and those seeking office accountable to an agenda of the people, not a party platform that has increasingly ceased to meet the needs of the majority of Americans. 

The far right and special interests have targeted Idaho for many years. The policy machine of the Koch Brothers, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) ranks Idaho 7th among the 50 states in identifying targets. Since the 2016 election there has been a significant escalation of these efforts. United Vision for Idaho has been on the front lines of those defensive fights organizing and effectively stopping their agenda. We have stopped the most egregious attempts to undermine and strip the rights of immigrants and refugees, women’s reproductive choices, and constitutional threats of an Article V Convention of States. We have been leading the work to advance healthcare in the state, increase the minimum wage, pass a pay equity bill and extend legal protections to our LGBTQ community and persons with disabilities.

We are about equipping real people living in communities across the state with the tools, resources and support to make real and critical improvements in their lives and the lives of future generations. UVI provides a robust set of training nuanced to the needs of each community to address the threats facing marginalized communities, support, and resources to effectively organize, build local infrastructure, deepen understanding, and implement individual and collective actions to assist communities in defending and advocating policy change. We provide ongoing networking and support to foster the leadership and development of young people and those living in communities stretched across Idaho. We connect people with people in in-person training and support, statewide calls that connect each area in the state to implement coordinated strategies and tactics, and build real and sustained power to win systems change. Together we plan and implement direct actions timed to the escalation of critical issues and mobilize cross constituencies. In short, UVI is the only progressive coalition in the state of Idaho and the political home to people and organizations committed to advancing an agenda that puts people and planet first and restores health to our democracy.