UVI led delegations to Washington DC, provide activists with national training, opportunities to meet with Congressional leaders.

UVI host bi-weekly conference calls to link work happening statewide. Participants include partner groups in Moscow, Coeur de’Alene, Pocatello, Twin Falls, Idaho Falls, Ketchum and Boise.

Delivered workshops and presentations to over 1500 individuals, 500 activists and leaders, and community members, addressing systemic discrimination and policy, grassroots organizing, the difference between strategies and tactics, how to talk to people where they are, effective lobbying and canvasing, direct action training, and more.

Worked in partnership to hold a vigil in response to the tragic events in Charlottesville, featuring  Phillip Thompson, executive director of the Idaho Black History Museum.

Hosted the only healthcare rally and march, which was attended by some 600 people in a March commenced by Boise Police Chief William bones in a march through the streets of Boise to The Idaho Anne Frank Memorial for a rally featuring speakers who have been directly impacted and leaders calling on Congress to protect healthcare.

We worked tirelessly and in tandem with  Close the Gap and state partners, to provide a series of timed actions, congressional visits, generate thousands of calls and emails to shut down the Trumpcare efforts by MOC’s.

We held a protest in downtown Boise of Speaker Paul Ryan's visit to Idaho to call him to task on his leadership on Healthcare and Tax Reform that will devastate Idahoans.

Hosted a counter event to the Freedom Foundation’s annual fundraiser featuring renowned white nationalist and eugenics author of the Bell Curve. The event was held at the Goodnessland, a new American owned restaurant. Speakers included Dr. Francisco Salinas, Phillip Thompson, Bernice Olivas, and Rev. Sara LaWall. We raised nearly $1400 to purchase books featuring diversity and marginalized populations. Books sets were delivered to school libraries in rural and underserved areas including Twin Falls, Pocatello, Nampa and Boise, by coalition partners in each of those areas.

Provided dozens of trainings and workshops to the community ranging from:
Grassroots Organizing
Strategies vs Tactics
How to Talk to People Where They Are
Direct Action Training
Understanding Privilege, and Recognizing and Interrupting Systemic Discrimination

UVI hosts bi-weekly conference calls with organizations statewide to deepen strategic collaboration, and coordinate local efforts.

Offered a half-day workshop for leaders and emerging activists with Steven Goldstein, Executive Director of The Anne Frank House in New York and long-time civil rights activist credited with winning Marriage Equality in New Jersey

Hosted legendary civil rights leader, Heather Booth from Washington D.C. to provide training and debut a film featuring her life's work and how change is won through effective organizing

In partnership with our labor partners, we have introduced the sixth iteration of a bill to raise Idaho’s minimum wage and the second iteration of a bill on wage disclosure, which removes barriers that currently allow for ease of discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, age, ability, and other marginalized groups. Both bills slated for introduction in the 2018 legislative session.

UVI director and members of NOW participated in a national action in Washington DC timed to apply pressure to stop the looming tax bill. Executive Director along with 2 others were for civil disobedience and gained national and statewide press coverage.

Financial constraints are our biggest challenge. We are deeply proud and grateful that the bulk of the funding UVI receives comes from Idahoans who rely on grassroots advocacy in Idaho, often those who sacrifice to give. Because our work is mostly funded by Idahoans, the work we do is directed by the real need of Idahoans.

Fiscal Challenges and Successes:

Financial constraints are our biggest challenge. We are deeply proud and grateful that the bulk of the funding UVI receives comes from Idahoans who rely on grassroots advocacy in Idaho, often those who sacrifice to give. Because our work is mostly funded by Idahoans, the work we do is directed by the real need of Idahoans.

Over the past years it has become increasingly difficult to obtain grant funding, despite sounding the alarms that the far right has made Idaho a primary target, along with other rural conservative states. Yet, funders have prioritized urban areas with congressional members that can produce short-term change. Since the 2017 election there has been a significant escalation of these efforts. But, we continue to grow and harness people power, despite minimal financial support. We have been on the front lines organizing and effectively stopping their agenda.

Organizing in Idaho also presents  geographic challenges that prove costly.  Our landscape is vast and many organizations work in isolated, remote parts of the state, which proves costly. Despite this, we are incredibly efficient and we use every dollar wisely to ensure that whenever possible we are working in communities across Idaho. We have traveled to Southwest, Central, and Eastern Idaho and organize on the ground efforts, and provided critical support, and worked collaboratively to  advance our shared vision of progress across the state.

It seems a shift may be underway, and funders are beginning to recognize that long-term systemic organizing is the only way to change the tide in the country. We remain dedicated to funding driven not by outside interests, by the people across this state desperately need change. We work diligently to leverage other dollars, which are critical and necessary, but our mission will never be deterred; we will continue to lift up the collective voices of Idahoans and fight like hell to make lives better!

UVI's RISE UP, IDAHO campaign launched in December of 2016  is dedicated to effective organizing, building long-term systemic power, defending and advancing civil rights and liberties, holding elected officials accountable, and uniting people across Idaho in a strategic and coordinated effort that can win real improvement in people's lives.

True Democracy 
We rise up for representative democracy. Too often, our voices have been denied, suppressed and silenced. Governing power belongs in the hands of the people at every level of government. 

Dignity at Work
We fight for raising the minimum wage, and pay equity - to ensure everyone has access to good jobs, with good pay and benefits so every person can care for and support their families and have a secure retirement no matter who they are.

Health Care is a Human Right.
We rise up for a health care system that promotes healthy people and communities. We fight for a health care system that guarantees quality, affordable care for all.

Racial Equity 
The effects of racism are real and deadly. We rise up to recognize systemic discrimination, to dismantle and remake institutions that discriminate and reinforce racial inequity while we confronting the ideas and ideology of white supremacy.

Gender Equity
We rise up to take down the barriers based on sexual orientation, gender and gender expression across all aspects of social and political life.