Everyone In - No One Out!

Get Engaged!

Visit our sister organization, United Action for Idaho to find out more about the endorsed RISEUp, Idaho! Candidates who have vowed in a 13 page response each about how they will work with people most impacted throughout their tenure to realize the people's platform.           

Idaho is part of a 13 state populist campaign and one of the most exciting organizing efforts to take place in 30 years.

Now, more than ever, we need to take democracy into our own hands. That means taking to the streets and engaging in civic action to let politicians, and those seeking elected office that they work for us!  To let them know we are  organized like never before– and we’ve just begun.

We invite you to be part of the rapidly growing people's movement to make real change in people's lives and build long-term systemic power.

What makes this different from other organizing efforts? This is not just about one campaign, or one election cycle, this is about bridging communities and building people power for generations to come. This isn't just resistance, it's visionary resistance! it's about creating the new, emergent movement that is needed; one that isn't just focused on short term goals, but one with a a strategy to a achieve a bold agenda that changes the paradigm to reimagine and remake our democracy, one of, by and for ALL people, one that really creates improvements in people's lives.

  • Through "deep canvass" we will reach thousands of unaffiliated, and registered voters that constitute more than half of the voting public, and plot the state according to issue motivators on the platform.

  • We are mobilizing voters to pass Medicaid Expansion at the ballot.

  • We are focused on getting the representation we deserve, and the candidates that will ensure that the voices of Idahoans are at the table and fully represented throughout the legislative process under their tenure.

  • All of the connections made will be provided to our local affiliates and partners to expand communities, and build local infrastructure for long-term change.

  • Through powerful partnerships, we are cultivating national reinvestment in Idaho to increase support, resources, opportunities for the long-term.

  • As a statewide coalition and national partner, we will provide ongoing support, training and opportunities to build community engagement, foster leadership development, and build infrastructure in the places most isolated and forgotten, until now.  

In the fall of 2016, United Vision for Idaho launched RiseUp, Idaho! a rural and urban populous organizing initiative. We advocate a bold agenda created and vetted by Idahoans across the state reflecting their values and needs. It's not a party or candidate platform; it's a people's platform. It's not a list of policies the establishment says we can win, but what the people of Idaho must win!

The majority of Idahoans don’t believe their issues or values are being represented by either party - believe that special interests have superseded individual rights and opportunity - believe that we have lost our ability to have respectful and meaningful conversations to create real solutions.

From cities to family farms, this effort consists of Idahoans united on issues and values, committed to bridging divides, and building and igniting communities to advocate for policies that lead to real improvements in people’s lives. 

What is the People's Platform?
In an 18 month process, Idahoans across the state  created and vetted the list of issues and values that are core motivators for families and communities in Idaho.

Healthcare: Medicaid Expansion, Medicaid, Social Security

Gun Sense; Community & School Safety

A Caring Economy; People Before Profits

Strong/Well-Funded Public Education PreK – 16

Accessible, Affordable Higher Education

Dignity & Protections at Work

Restoring & Protecting Local Control

Public Lands in Public Hands

Housing Justice

Gender & Racial Equity

True Climate Justice

A Just Immigration System

Sovereignty for Native Nations

Special Interest Money out of Idaho Politics; True Democracy

Government Transparency & Accountability