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  Together - UNITED, We Win!

Together, we can create a state  and a world where we all have what we need to thrive, achieve, and feel our full worth at home, at work, and in our communities. We can change how we measure success. Our yardstick will be the health and happiness of all people and the wellbeing of our planet.

We’re up against tremendous forces. An economic and political system designed to benefit corporations and a tiny few, pushing the rest of us to the margins. Systems of racism and exclusion that perpetuate violence and deny people even the essentials based on race, gender, and country of origin.

Here’s the good news. All these systems are the creations of people. They can be dismantled and remade by people. And, at UVI, we are committed to reimagining and rebuilding.

Our history’s most powerful movements teach us an important lesson: We won’t win more by demanding less. So, we’ve got our sights set on the long term. While we fight for change here and now, we’re also working to rebuild our economy and create a democracy for all of us.

We’re organizing thousands of people around a bold agenda for real change. Our agenda isn’t a list of policies the establishment says we can win. It reflects what communities Idaho must win. Knowing change starts close to home, we’re building powerful organizations statewide where people of all races, faiths, and genders gather to make change. We’re developing local leaders who can power our campaigns and policy makers at all levels of government, and advance an agenda worth fighting for. In short, we’re creating a movement made up of people like you.

Real change has always required people Rising Up. Join us.